AddaxGazelle800.jpg Scientific Name: Addax Nasomaculatus

Morphology: The addax stands up to one meter tall to the shoulder. its weight varies to about 60 to 120 kilograms. Their head is marked with brown or black patches that form an X over their nose. Addax also have horns this goes for both the male and female. Their hooves are broad with flat soles and strong declaws to help the walk on soft land.

Habitat/Ecosystem:Addax live in desert terrain where they eat grass and leaves of what shrub and bushes are available. They are not restricted to areas with free water. Addax are usually found within the desert or the surrounding stony country.
Addax are nocturnal. What this means is that they rest during the day in depressions they dig for themselves. Addax are able to live far apart. This is because their keen sensory powers allow them to locate each other at great distances. They are suited to live in the deep desert under extreme conditions. Addax can survive under free water almost indefinitely. This is because they get moisture from there food and dew that condenses on plants.

Human use: The meat and the skin of the Addax are prized by local people. They use their hides for shoes and sandal soles.

Facts: The Addax can live up to 25 years in captivity. There are fewer than 500 Addax left in the wild, with fewer than 860 in captivity. Addax breed anytime of the year. Although, the most commom is during spring.