African Grey Parrot

Full scientific name
The scientific name for an African Grey is Psittcus Erithacus. There are many subspecies names such as the Congo’s. The Congo’s scientific name is Psittacus Erithacus Enthacus. A Timneh Grey’s scientific name is P.E.Timneh.
One of this birds feature is its grey coat of feathers. With a tone of white and red or maroon tail depending on the subspecies. The birds beak is shinny black. It is around a foot long, from its beak to its tail. The area around eyes is usually white. The Timneh has a brown beak, with not many red feathers.
To survive and reproduce they need adaptations. One of them are to live in flocks composed of several pairs together with their offspring. To protect themselves, grey parrots remain on their trees and rarely go down to the ground. They are fast flyers that soar above tree tops searching constantly for food.
Grey Parrots can be found in primary and secondary lowland rainforest. This bird lives on Central and Western Africa, on rainforest edges. They may also be found inhabiting oil-palm plantation gardens.

Human useWe use these birds as pets, since they can mimic many sounds including our voices. This talent makes them a popular pet.