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bison.jpgbuff234.jpgPhysical Features

An American Bison has a long dark brown winter coat,and lighter brown summer coat. It can be 6 feet 6 inches(2m) tall, 10 feet (3m) long, and weight 900 to 2,000 pounds.Male bisons are usually larger than female bisons,even thoughboth sexes have short, curved horns.These animals, are very rarenow adays because they are dissappearing.Some are found in thefar side of mexico, but they are usually found in North Americanprairies and grassland.Bisons are herbivores, they are mature after3 yrs of age.When they are 3 months old they are not as mature as a juvenile.They eat during the morning and evening, but rest during the day. Bison are the largest of all the mammals found on the Canadian mainland.

For sheep Ewes (female) are usually 45 to 100 kilograms
whish is 99 to 120 lbs, and Rams (male) are 45 to 160
kilograms whish would be 99 to 350 lbs. They have a tooth-
less upper jaw and ther lower jaw isin't toothless. They
also have a very good hearing, and smell sense.
Muskox have long curved horns. They are 3ft 11.2in
high in the shoulder, and females are 135 to 200 cm
(53.1 to 78.7in) in length and males are 200 to 250cm
(78.7 to 98.4in).Adult muskox weight 285 kg (628lb), but
can be 397 to 882 lbs.There coat is a mix of gray, brown
and there hair is so long it almost reaches the ground.


1. American Bison can run up to 35 mph
2. There enmies are wolves, an grizzly bears
3. They can live up to 40 yrs in captivity
4. An average life spand is 12 to 15 yrs
5. There diet is grass and vagetation
6. They live in roams plains, prairies, and river valleys
Great Bulrush
They are watland plants.there seeds are valuable for ducks, it provides nesting habitats.
Blunt Spike Rush
These plants are quite common in wetland environments, and provide shelter for fish, amphibians and insects, and is food for many wetlannd brids and mammals.
Human Use
Native Americans would use ther skin to make manythings, but one of the main things is that they would use it to tmake there own clothing. They would also use them to make there tipis, but they would leave there meat to rot.

Map of were Bisons are found!