What is the full scintific name of the Bighorn Sheep?

The full scintific name of the bighorn sheep is the ovis canadensis.

Some characteristics about the Bighorn sheep is that the Bighorn Sheep are named for the large, curved horns borne by the males, or rams.some other intersting characteristics is that Females, or ewes, also have horns, but they are short with only a slight curvature.

We really donnot use this animal as human use exept we use the horns as a decaration.

How he adapts to canada by the color of the bighorn sheep relates to the color he lives in and the horns is to defend himself from diffrent types of animals.

Some types of facts about the bighorn sheep is that two hundred years ago, Bighorn Sheep were widespread throughout the western United States, Canada, and northern Mexico.Some estimates placed their population at higher than 2 million.big_horn_3.jpg The Bobcat is related to the bighorn ,Coyote is also the related to the bighorn sheep.

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