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California Condor(Gymnogyps californianus)

The California Condor is largest flying bird in North America, the California Condor is one of the most endangered birds in the world.

Where does the California Condor Live?

The California Condor has recently relocated to Southern California, Baja Mexico, and Arizona.


The adult California Condor is a uniform black, with the exception, especially in the male, of large triangular patches or bands of white on the underside of the wings. It has gray legs and feet, an ivory-colored bill, a frill of black feathers nearly surrounding the base of the neck, and brownish red eyes.

California Condor

The condors live in rocky scrubland, coniferous forests , and oak savannas . They are often found near cliffs or large trees, which they use as nesting sites. Individual birds have a huge range and have been known to travel up to 250 km (150 mi) in search of carrion .

Food Chain

Food Chain


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