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behavioral adaption's: At night chimpanzee construct nest of leaves 18 to 24 feet off the ground. male
chimpanzee will hunt cooperatively day or night for small chimpanzee, small animals or bush pigs
some groups have been observed using tools like branches or rocks in their daily life. the
chimpanzee's most notable adaption is using his hands and feet to grab branches and other objects.


. Chimpanzee's are the most well liked animal by humans.

. chimpanzee are vunerable to human disease like measel, influenze, hepatita b, ring worms and cold sore.

. chimpanzee's use large sticks and branches as clubs they even throw the at enemys , just as our ancestor


since there are different habitats that chimpanzee's have to live in for a period of their lives chimpanzee's
must survive in new or changing enviroment. The enviroments in africa are either elevated, humid, dense
jungles or dry grassy savannahs. the one thing that both groups have in common is the daily fight for territory
with other alpha groups in the area and hidden predators.


A male chimpanzee's range weight is between 88.2 to 132. And females are 70.5 to 104lb.
male and females average height is about 2.86ft. All chimpanzee's male and female, are
born with dark fur and pale faces, however, as they get older chimpanzees average lifespan
is 40 to 45 years, their faces become darker. Most chimpanzees walk on their knuckles
but occasionally bipedaly walk. chimpanzees have white beards and prominent ears.

Human uses

Chimpanzee's have been used for many experiments, test, and cosmetic uses.
the most famous being two chimpanzee's used for space exploration. The two being
ham ( juky 1956 to january 19, 1983) and enos the spacechimp ( 19?? to november 4,
1962). Most experiments, however, are usually inhuman due to applying wires to its brain
and the use of drugs and other chemicals. Some that will cause physical and psycological

Food web


small chimpanzees

small animals



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